About us

Kyama is an organization of people active in the spheres of environmental protection and quality of life in the Matte Asher Regional Council in the Western Galilee. Kyama gathers environmental activists from the kibbutzim, moshavim, and villages of the Matte Asher Regional Council, who aspire to sustainable development while maintaining the integrity of the area we live in. Our activists are supported by thousands of people who are both from the Regional Council and those who are not, who come to our environmental activities and participate in debates in the social media. We believe in cooperative participation with the committees of the Regional Council and see this as an opportunity to work together in order to survey future needs that will balance the need for development with our obligation to the environment. Kyama has a Facebook page, internet site, and mailing list, that includes information about our activities and events, plans, and projects that are connected to the environment of Matte Asher. The cooperation between the Regional Council and the thousands of participants in our events strengthens the connection between all involved in our region’s tourist attractions, streams, and beaches throughout the Regional Council. Kyama activists are in contact with members of the Environmental Committees on the various settlements that creates a social group that distinctly expresses the desires, wants, and needs of the inhabitants. Kyama members are interested in taking an active role in the diverse organizations that are connected to the development of our local environment as both members and observers: Regional Committee for Planning and Construction The Economic Forum Committee for the Environment and Quality of Life We are working to strengthen our natural resources throughout Matte Asher so that they will continue to give us joy both now and in the future for generations to come.